Cashmere World
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Testimonial from Exhibitors and Visitors

What exhibitors said ?

“We have met plenty of quality buyers in Cashmere World 2019 and received a large number of orders from USA buyers in Cashmere World.”
Jason Xu, Hebei Dilly Fashion Co., Ltd., China

“We wanted to say thank you for organising such a good event and endless care during the exhibition, thank you to the APLF team. We have received some great offers from our valuable costumers around the world.”
Mchga LLC, Mongolia

“This is our very first time to participate in Cashmere World and it was a very well organised event. We had received numerous considerable interest from Europe!”.”

Franci Ltd, Hong Kong


What visitors said ?

“Cashmere World was a small but very concentrated trade show. For cashmere buyers like myself, Cashmere World saved me a lot of time to walk around and ask if a supplier is producing cashmere product, which allowed me to spend more time here to talk to different exhibitors. ”
Silk and Cashmere, Turkey

“Cashmere World was very useful to my business. Some companies were especially interesting for me: Milalio, Holy Cashmere, etc. they had a large selection of interesting models in high quality. I certainly planned to work with them. Nepal, High Himalaya Garments companies were also new discovery for me, they have wonderful stoles of cashmere.
Mr. Ivan Omelcheko,

“Attending the Cashmere World trade fair was an extremely useful experience for our company. The event was highly organized. We had a great opportunity to explore the market and initiate contacts with a wide range of manufacturers. We would like to express our gratitude to the organisers and coordinators of the fair. Our company will definitely consider to participate in Cashmere World as we hope to developed a long-term relationship with cashmere suppliers and other raw materials.”

Mr. Yury Ridchenko,

“Choosing the right detergents to wash cashmere properly is very important in cashmere producing and we learned from some Cashmere World exhibitors. We also bought a lot of finished products and yarns. We have found interesting threads from a raccoon as well and we planned to visit the supplier that we found in Cashmere World and see how do they produce cashmere. ”
Ms. Tatiana